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Prop hire & Prop Sales from American Film Props Stage Prop Suppliers, London, UK

With many years of experience as stage prop suppliers, American Film Props have a huge range props for hire. Our prop hire service is suitable for photographic props, film props, stage props and many more. A wide range of prop themes are catered for with our prop hire service. Examples include building site props, construction and machinery props, transport props, garden props, roadwork props and many more

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Based in London UK, we have been operating as stage prop suppliers for many years to the film industry. Being a family run business, we have built many ongoing relationships with clients in the industry due to our friendly and efficient service and consultation regarding prop hire and prop suitability in the UK. Please browse our prop database where you will find many props that can be suitable for your set or stage. Prop Suppliers - American Film Props will be able to source all your desired props and make the whole prop hire process as smoothly as possibly.

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